Monday, January 18, 2010

Can You Walk There?

Today my dad asked me if he could walk to Costa Rica.  He was kidding, of course, but he didn't know if he'd need to cross a body of water to get to me if he ever decided to take on the challenge.
So I decided it is probably a good idea to post a map or two for those of you reading this who aren't very good at geography (Don't worry; that's a lot of people).

Costa Rica is in Central America and is bordered by Nicaragua (to the north) and Panama (to the south).  I believe it's about the size of West Virginia, but don't quote me on that.  We're taking a trip to Nicaragua sometime during the four months, I can't remember the exact date, and I'm also considering traveling to Panama for Spring Break.

Here's a map of the country itself.  San Jose is the capital, and where I'll be staying is a small city about 10 minutes outside of there called San Isidro de Heredia.

I know this is kind of boring stuff, but if you're a geography nerd and like to know where places are (which, if you're a true geog. nerd you should already know but I'll let you have this one) then this was for you.

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