Monday, December 21, 2009

The Date Approaches

It's just about a month before I fly out, and I'm definitely starting to feel some nerves, but I'm mostly just very excited.
There's a lot to do to prepare, which is probably why I'm getting nervous, but I'm just waiting for the Holidays to be over before I start thinking too much about it.

Let's see...There's not much to say right now because I haven't left yet.  There are 14 students, including me, from UWEC going to San Josecito de San Isidro, which is about 10 minutes from the capital San José.  We've all been assigned families who we will stay with the entire 3 1/2 months.
Here is the info that Ana and Maria, the program coordinators in Costa Rica, sent me about my family:

"This family is comprised of María Elena, 63, (March 3, 1946) and her daughter Damaris, who lives right behind her mother´s house with her two grown children. María Elena is a home maker dedicated until recently to taking care of her ill mother who passed away just two weeks ago.  On her spare time Maria Elena works with groups at her Catholic Church and teaches Bible School and First Communion classes.

Damaris her daughter, 42 years, works for a Supermarket (Perimercados.) In her spare time Damaris enjoys soccer, swimming and riding her bike. The grandchildren spend a lot of time with Maria Elena: Adriana, 19, studies home interior and decorating and loves parties. Jose Fabián, 21, studies Computer Science and enjoys riding his bike. He also works at the supermarket Perimercados, just like his mother Damaris.
María Elena’s very large extended family lives nearby. Her sisters live in houses close to one another. Nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts, and cousins get together often to share the many different family activities.
As a family, they like sharing meals, watching T.V., talking and getting together on Sundays. María Elena goes to the church twice a week. The family is Catholic, but they respect all other religious backgrounds.
They want to participate in this study abroad program to learn about the student’s customs and to open their home to her. They would like a female student who is friendly and who would want to participate in all their family activities. An active and dynamic girl, who likes children."
This is actually only the second time I've read about my family since receiving the information back in the middle of November.  Ana and Maria did an amazing job picking a great family for me because one of the things I really wanted was that the family have kids near my age.  While I'm glad that there will be other EC students with me in Costa Rica, I know it will probably be really easy to rely on being with them especially when out of my comfort zone, and that's really the last thing I want.  I have to focus on the reasons why I'm going and I think having people in my family who I can relate to and who can show me around and introduce me to their friends and more Ticos, that will help me stay focused on learning Spanish and getting the full cultural experience.

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